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    How Rocking Horse Help Baby Walking?

    Posted on 30 March 2017

    Charles I, son of King James VI of Scotland, remained unable to walk due to rickets throughout his early childhood. The royal family enlisted personal caregivers to help Charles with his physical development. These caregivers implemented a complete physical therapy, which included - rather curiously - a wooden rocking horse for Charles to ride on. Young Charles spent time on the rocking horse every day. Historical data confirms that Charles was completely mobile, and even excelling at equestrian, by his early adolescence. Now the original rocking horse is on display at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London.

    The first Rocking Horse in the World Belongs to King Charles I


    King Charles I excelling at Equestrian
    For hundreds of years, rocking horse has been given to children as their playmate, and kids just love them. It help kids with coordination and balance development. Modern rocking horse even integrate music, dual-use (stroller & rocker), stuffed animal toys into its design.

    See article “ How does rocking horse benefit baby?” for more information.

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