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    How Does Rocking Horse Benefit Babies?

    Posted on 29 March 2017

    Improve Mobility

    Ride-on toys build the GROSS MOTOR SKILL by encouraging the use of large muscle groups. FINE MOTOR SKILL also come into play with rocking. Manipulating handlebars requires children to use smaller muscles and teaches coordination between the hands, arms, legs, and feet.



    Inspire Independent Play

    Kids learn to move under their own power, making it possible to get from one place to another in a way that's more complex and yet easier than walking. This helps them set the stage for the type of independent thinking that they'll need in order to succeed in school and in the workforce.



    Put Kids Outdoors

    Kids who spend time outdoors tend to be healthier and are more likely to choose outdoor activities as they grow older. Being outside gives kids positive stimulation from natural surroundings that they won't get from hours spent sitting in front of a screen.



    Teach Cooperation

    When kids play together, they learn to share, make compromises, and work together. Rocking toys provide opportunities for all of these as kids get together and begin inventing games to play.



    Offer Staying Power

    Rocking horse toys have a lot of staying power. Kids treasure toys that offer lasting enjoyment and tend to hold on to them for much longer than so-called trendy toys.



    In conclusion, children of all ages can benefit from playing with ride-on toys. Whether alone or in a group, kids get the chance to exercise important muscle groups and improve creative thinking skills. Ride-on toys are one of the few playthings that grow with children, offering new and challenging options as kids get older.

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